default DGT e-Board Driver RabbitPlugin 2.0.27 (64bit)

Download (exe, 24.26 MB)


This is a new version of the Rabbit Connect software including the new Rabbit Plugin. Please un-install all previous Rabbit Plugin versions before installing this software. Your feedback is appreciated. This version includes following changes:

  • Fixed hanging of the driver when running Fritz (32bit and 64bit) and in some cases causing Fritz to crash.
  • Added Revelation selection box. In default this box is and should not be selected.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Several small bug fixes.
  • Added new FTDI driver 2.12.00 USB driver
  • Improved PGN read out.

Featured Products

  • Revelation II Anniversary Edition

    Revelation II exists 5 years and DGT celebrates its 25 year anniversary: The Revelation Anniversary Edition!

  • DGT Travel Timer

    New in the range of clocks, the Travel Timer in the color scheme white and blue.

  • Limited Edtion Leather e-Board set

    Limited Edition leather e-Board set, only 50 made!

  • DGT1006 Backgammon Timer

    The new DGT1006 Backgammon Timer has a special feature: the delay option!

News flash

  • Custom DGT 2010 clock for tournament

    Special for the World Cadet Chess Championship, DGT has adapted the DGT2010 in the colors of the Chinese flag.

  • Revolutionary Chess Computer: DGT Centaur

    Adaptive intelligent Chess Computer Centaur, available now!

  • DGT Product Catalog 2019

    The new DGT product catalog has complete information about all our products.

  • LiveChess 2.2 update

    An important maintenance release of the free DGT LiveChess software, including new features, was released in July 2018.


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