default Bluetooth e-Board 3.01 update

Download (hex, 156 KB)

bt-board-fw 3.01-blpl 3.01 update.hex

For stable functionality, all Bluetooth e-Boards should have firmware version 3.01.

This update instruction is now also supported by Windows 10.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact the DGT support department.

Important: Firmware updates erase the content of your game log memory (games stored in the board)! If you have important games stored in the board, please use RabbitQueen software to save them to your computer before attempting a firmware update.

If your board currently has the 3.00 firmware version, you can update using any USB port - starting with 3.00 firmware and upwards, the known hub incompatibility has been fixed - see the 3.00 firmware release information in the firmware release history for additional details. 

If your board has a firmware version prior to 3.00 (e.g. 2.10 or older) please follow these additional instructions:

Apply this update with your board directly connected to an USB 2.0 port (do not use USB hubs). If you use a desktop computer, please make sure to connect the board to a port on the back of the case and not one on the front panel! After applying this update you will be able to use any USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port or hub (that supports USB 1.1 devices).


Changes in Firmware 3.01:

- Fixes a rare issue of boards with S.N. 20900 to 21050 becoming unresponsive (with LED indicating continuous green light) after a firmware update. Please contact DGT support for instructions on how to recover your board from this issue;

- Updates the bootloader to 3.01

Changes in Bootloader 3.01:

- Fixes a rare issue of boards falsely triggering bootloader mode (LED indicating continuous red light), on button ON/OFF/RESET events. 


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