Which timing options do DGT clocks have?

For a complete overview please see below table to compare the features of the different DGT clocks.



Game Time

In "Game Time" settings each player receives a certain amount of time for the whole game to complete all moves.

Move Time

In "Move Time" settings each player receives a certain amount of time to complete each move.

Move Time plus Save

In "Move Time plus Save" settings each player receives a certain amount of time for each move but any time that is not used on any turn is saved and added and can be used at later turns


In "Scrabble" options the clocks count-down until zero is reached and then start up-count.

Gong options

In "Gong" players have to make each move after a pre-set amount of time has passed and a signal indicates the end of their turn. This is a fun option for use at home or school.

Hour glass options

In "Hour Glass" options players start with the same amount of time on the clock (say one minute) but everytime one player's clock is counting down, the other player's clock is counting up.

Byo-Yomi options

"Byo-Yomi" options are more complex timing systems used in the game of Go or Baduk.

Period / time control

A game can be divided into a number of periods. In each period a certain number of moves have to be completed (time control). If there is only one period all moves in a game have to be done within that time. Often more periods are used and in each period a certain number of moves must be made within a certain amount of time. At the end of each period it must be checked whether the required number of moves have been made. In the last period all remaining moves of the game must be played.

Time settings

"Time" settings are basic countdown settings. When it is a player's turn his clock simply continues to count down.

Bonus settings

In "Bonus" settings each player receives a certain amount of extra time for each move. Playing with Bonus time per move is also called playing with Fischer Bonus or playing with increments.

Delay settings

In "Delay" settings each player has a certain amount of free time at the start of each turn before his clock starts counting down.

Move Counter

A move counter simply counts the number of times it has been a player's turn to move. It should be used cautiously because the move counter registers the amount of times the clock has been switched sides which may differ from the amount of moves made if players accidentally pressed the clock.


It is possible to have different settings in different periods for example a Time setting in the first period and a Bonus setting in the second period.


Timing method / Feature


DGT XL (discontinued)


DGT  North American

DGT Easy

DGT Easy Plus





DGT Cube(discontinued)

DGT Pyramid(discontinued)

Connects to DGT e-Boards










Maximum number of players












Game Timer options

Move Timer options







Move Timer with Save options








One time control only





More than one time control (multi periods)








Indefinite time controls (repeating 2nd period)










Time settings

Bonus settings





Delay settings






Bronstein delay (FIDE)









U.S. delay (USCF)








Byo-yomi options for Go or Baduk









Maximum time controls with Time settings












Maximum time controls with Bonus settings












Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay












Maximum time controls with U.S. delay












Maximum time controls mixed systems












Scrabble® options



Gong options











Hour glass option










Chess960 random starting position generator











Move counter






* The DGT2010 and DGT3000 have no special option for "Move Timer" mode, but using the Byo-Yomi setting there is a way to turn these clocks into a move timer:

Can I use the Move Timer mode with a DGT2010, DGT XL or DGT3000?

DGT 3000 is the successor of the DGT XL clock and is approved and recommended by the International Chess Federation FIDE. DGT3000 offers a wide range of options and has a large LCD display that shows a lot of relevant timer information. The DGT 3000 can be connected to a DGT e-Board.

DGT XL (discontinued model) is approved and recommended by FIDE. This model offers very many options and much functionality. The DGT XL can be connected to a DGT e-Board.

DGT 2010 is the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE chess clock; it is approved and recommended by FIDE. The Delay options are according to the Bronstein method, which means that the delay time for the next turn is added on the clock's display after a player ends his current turn. The clock starts counting down immediately at the beginning of each turn. This is the official FIDE method.

DGT North American (DGT NA) complies with regulations of the USCF (United States Chess Federation). The delay option on the DGT NA is so called US Delay which does not count down during the delay time. Instead, during the delay time, the display shows a blinking icon and starts counting down after the delay time is ended. When one of the players used all his time in the final time control, the clock does not freeze. The time left for the other player will continue to count down, until his time is also used up.

DGT Easy clocks are primarily intended for use at home or school. They only have one time control and to not feature Bonus or Delay options (see DGT Easy Plus).

DGT Easy Plus has the same options as the DGT Easy but with additional Bonus and Delay functionality.

DGT 960 has the same functionality as the Easy Plus. As an extra feature, the DGT960 clock can randomly generate Chess960 starting positions. It is a handy foldable pocket timer.

DGT 1001 is the most basic model in the DGT range, especially suitable for club and school games. It does not feature bonus or delay options.

DGT 1002 is the simplest clock available anywhere featuring bonus timing options.

DGT Cube is a multi-player game timer with six clocks for up to six players.

DGT Pyramid is a multi-player game timer with four clocks for up to four players.


For more information please download the manual of the clock that suits your needs

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